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We are an Information Technology solutions company that focus on modern business units.
At Versa Technology, we enthusiastically follows and develops information technology systems and by relying on trust and satisfaction of our clients, we believe Versa Technology will become bigger in the growth of mutual benefit.

In other words, the concept also shows the philosophy of PT Versa Technology, which creates a variety of versatile, sophisticated products and providing reliable service.

our company timeline

(2004) Development

Making of management system programs for large and medium scale enterprise in Jakarta

(2005) Established

PT Versa Technology was established thanks to the collaboration of Syahpril and Deny Saputra

(2006) launch Product

Launching a multi credit program, Versatron, create Dealerversa in the following year

(2011) Growing

VersaTech grew by developing programs and completing past projects such as the SID Scrubbing, Mini Data Center and Ticketing System Interface Reservation (RITS)

(2012) Join Share Holder

Suparman Ruslan and Kusuma Ruslan joined in 2012 to boost the company’s growth

Sister Company

  •   Gedung DPP SAS, Jl. Dr. Saharjo No.115, BX, Kec. Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12860
  •   081211313014
  • cs@versatech.co.id